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So you have finally decided to do something about your ‘down below issues’… and have either been told about a ‘Women’s health physio’ or your GP / Gynae has recommended you come and see me.
When you ring up and make an appointment please make sure the secretary/receptionist makes a 1 hour appointment. Sometimes if she is away from her desk …us lesser mortals (physios) will ‘do’ phone duty and we are really not good at it…and so 1 hour bookings can be booked in as an ‘initial consult’ (only 30 minutes).This is never enough time for a first time women’s health appointment unless I am assessing for Tummy separation and advice only.
So what happens in this appointment?
In a private room I will ask you lots of questions about your pelvic floor, exercise and related medical areas. This will probably be in ‘questionnaire’ form. I will then take a history and talk through the answers which you provided in the questionnaire.
From this history taking I will then do an internal pelvic (vaginal) examination to determine the extent of your problem.
I may also suggest that we use the ‘Peritron’ to determine a base line function of your pelvic floor muscles.
Following your examination I will make some recommendations on possible lifestyle changes, exercise changes and a specific pelvic floor programme to address your problem.
Some women have issues because their pelvic muscles are too active- tight and so their programme is directed more at pelvic muscle relaxation strategies.  Sometimes it is quite a complicated picture.
How can you know what is right for you……………………………………………….make that appointment today

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