Mar 052013

Are you or your partner planning a pregnancy or already pregnant?
This time is one of the most important and physically challenging times in your whole life. It is vital that you prepare and stay as healthy and fit as possible during these 40 weeks!
It is NOT enough to just modify your present fitness programme.
Specific strengthening and stretching  pregnancy exercises are vital, especially in today’s sedentary work environment to prepare for childbirth.
40 weeks to prepare…..average length of labour 12 hours…what do you need !
Strong thigh muscles to support the weight of the baby
Hip mobility to help birth positions
Moveable sacrum to improve pelvic outlet
Strong deep stomach muscles
Pelvic floor muscles that will support, and relax !

Squatting improves the mobility in the hips, strengthens the butt and legs, promotes a wider pelvic outlet and allows the pelvic muscles to stay strong but also relax and stretch…

Exercises to address side butt strength will help prevent the pregnancy waddle and pelvic instability.

Deep abdominal and pelvic floor exercises  – vital to support your growing baby and help in your 2nd stage of labour

Relaxation techniques together with specific breathing will teach you how to maximise the times when you can rest and focus on your body during your labour.
Make an appointment with me to discuss any concerns and modify your present exercise programme. I love this ‘personal training’ part of my job!
Come and do pre-natal Pilates classes.

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