Apr 082013

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Take time to stop and breathe…

Becoming a new mum, especially with your 1st baby is an extremely new and fast learning experience. pre  natal education classes, for the birth, for your body, reading…checking out websites all about childbirth and parenting are all really useful ways of preparation to be a mum…
BUT now how do you find time to take care of yourself…You are now totally  involved in the on going 24 by 7 care of your baby.
I often hear my ‘mums’ say to each other and to me “I just don’t seem to have any time to do my hair let alone my pelvic floor exercises” So how can I, in one little, barely read blog inspire you to work from the inside and start doing those pelvic floor  exercises.
When you go to your mother’s group, why don’t you have a “2 minute exercise break“…yep start by talking about ..
“Have you done the exercises they gave you in hospital ?” and then …
“How about we try and do them now ..sitting here in this group”.. A bit novel!! Even the mums who had a C section will need to be able to contract their deep Abs and pelvic floor when lifting and handling baby. These exercises are also the pre- activation work for helping a stomach separation (DRA) and getting rid of your mummy tummy!!

  • Why not  come to my ‘Muscle Mums’ classes for mums and bubs – come as a group
  • Get your mother’s group to check out my website
  • Why not ask me to come and do an exercise session with your group ?
  • Come and seeme for an assessment and personal exercise programme


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