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  This is going to be a busy page with lots of links to some of my favourite sites, blogs and videos. Firstly let’s talk about putting your Pelvic Floor First.  Most Women’s Health Physiotherapists will be quite specific about how you should ‘re-train your PFM (Pelvic Floor Muscles) if you are visiting them after the birth of your baby.  This is my passion.  So please come and see me at Sports Focus Physiotherapy  if you have any concerns.  I love to take off my Women’s Health hat and use my consulting time with you as a ‘personal trainer’ or pilates teacher. I think it is really important that you know how ,why ,what ,where and when about exercise and your PFM.  All the websites that I link you to will help you with this.. I am  passionate about ‘safe pelvic floor exercises’ and was fortunate to have some small back end input into the Australian collaboration between the Fitness Industry and the Continence Foundation of Australia in 2010-11.  This resulted in a fantastic website all about ‘pelvic floor safe’ exercises for women of all ages.  This website is targeting all health professionals who train and teach women exercise. So my first recommendation is a visit to the Pelvic Floor First  website.  Check out these pages:

Now you have had your baby you need to get back into caring for yourself  as well as learning to look after your baby. This is what I call the “acute motherhood phase“. Your body has undergone some significant physical changes and depending on your birthing experience you may have specific issues that need addressing.

When can I increase my exercises?
Let’s start by having a quick look at this video I did with Melissa about seeing a Women’s Health Physio to help determine your entry level for exercise…..
Trying to give you more information on the ‘right exercise’ for you to do after your baby is almost impossible without a 1:1 assessment. However the basic “muscle Mums program is a great start. If you think you are beyond this then I can examine and assess you for a specific programme. I will link you to some other websites to give you ideas and exercises to try!  Go to my exercises tab

Thinking it’s time for another baby and wondering ….this link  gives you fairly technical information (links to) about what to think about with regard to your pelvic floor health! I regularly see mums who are thinking about the timing for the next bub and a full pelvic floor assessment gives them information on their strength and we set exercise  goals to move into the next pregnancy.  Call 9958 8986

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