Jul 072013


‘Secret Women’s Business’

This 2 hour workshop is available to all pregnant women from 34 weeks+
It is designed for the 1st time mum, but holds advice and practical tools for all mums to help you through your late pregnancy and early post  natal period. By understanding how you can ‘help ‘ your labour you can maximize safer pelvic floor outcomes and empower your delivery…..and recovery

  • Mind/body -visualisation / meditation
  • Exercises to help foetal positioning
  • Perineal massage
  • Birth positions
  • Early days post delivery
  • Breast feeding & engorgement
  • Diastasis Recti DRA   stomach muscle separation

This workshop has a practical component. Wear comfy clothes.
This is the information they don’t tell you;  exercises for labour, relaxation awareness for tight pelvic floor muscles, epino,  perineal / pelvic pain, perineal tears and managing them and much more…..
Check into Sports Focus Physio 9958 8986 to enrol for a workshop or book an individual women’s health appointment and I will tailor this information to your proposed birth plan

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